Tuesday, July 07, 2009

such a jerk. kan kan?

uhm damn. tade risen na ingat kesah lame senanye. lagi2 ble da lame tak update blog camnih. tapi bile mende da jadi satu sejarah tapi realiti, yang sakit, sakitnya makin pedih. yang bahagia, bahagianya makin indah:) read & decide k .

1st situation
Date : 2nd-July-2009
Scene : Eman's car

the bf hp rang. again & again.her name. stil.. her name.. the gf saw it, the bf tried to hide the name displayed on the handphone screen. the gf remember that this name had been appeared for so many times before but she keeps quiet as she never want anyone to get hurt. But this time she can't take it anymore The gf warned. "text her & mention to her that u're with me" as that girl is the one who always being the fucking asshole deepshit of everythig before. the bf refuse. the gf said, "otherwise me & myself who'll text & curse her as much as I can". the bf, "uhh..ok then i will.." next, he texted. the gf edited the text typed by the bf. ; replacing the word '*a' with 'kaw'. the bf get angry. too much angry. so very angry. he started cursing the gf. the gf cried. screamed. & cried more. the bf getting more aggresive. he said, "well YEAH I LOVE HER! so whattt?" shitt the gf screamed more. she slapped the bf twice, & the bf slapped the gf right on her face.twice harder.... the gf cried, & whispering deeply to her own heart, "Dear Heart, please be strong. ilovehim..."

For the God sake, she'll never forget this matter forever dude. She is hurt inside for too much long. & the bf had make the pain going outwards ; physically felt. But well. this couple had going through so many obstacles. She manage to make everything goes right between him & her. For whatever reason it is, just pray for our happiness please. & for the girl that we'd been fighting about, hope u'd been satisfied enough. cheers.

situation 2
date : 12th july venue : ??


  1. icha~ jgn sedih da k?
    chill la~ bia la ca centu. dak tu mmg ta pena serik r! heih!!

  2. as what i said. ure my strong girlfriend syg. be strong oke.