Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ohh Mereka . =='

Its been 4 days I'm staying here. Well, sepanjang malam even sekarang nie musim hujan they didn't use it to sleep tightly like others UHH. They spend the time precisely ohh wow I wish if I could feel the same as them. The nervousness, preparation, aim, hope that they hold pffft !. emosi mereka perlu kuat ohh. kan kan?

lets watch them :

Zakiran Zamri . Jeffrianto Taip

Ohh Physics . Love them please please?.

Kiran, chill okay, Everything will be alright :)

I got no idea on what I'm going to say dah.Kesimpulannye, even bukan Icha yang nak final, I'd stay up late at night same jee macam dorang yang lain. And and uhh, betul Icha agak terasa cuak same macam dorang jugak. Gosh korang terbaek okayy? Trust me. Goodluck sayangss!!

PS for Jepp :

Uhh maaf tadi I macam buat u marah kott kan kan? I bosan soo I snap laa piccie2 gne hp Kiran. I didn't mean to disturb u. I truly undersatand ur situation. Im sorry k :) Goodluck for tomorrow dear. May Allah bless you all your way around. Amin amin ya Rabbal Alamin . -.-

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