Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Forever We Will

Tonight, I'm not feeling really well. Headache, stomache. OMG. But well then ohya when my super 'abg' pulang dari mencari nafkah -HAHA- he asked me out to have a dinner with Refdy the Gangstah and Acap the sweet one. We'd met up somewhere at Bangi and after a while we make our move, our car broke down. uhh .kesian kiran and zack terpaksa repair kete tengah2 jalan. ohh btw lupa nak bgtaw, zack & seha dtg after they had their dinner at Alamanda tak silap. Yeay :D

We had our lepak beramai2 ber-shisha di Domai, Cyberjaya. & setelah bosan, we went to Dataran Putrajaya spending our beautiful siblings time, together :)

They totally meant a lot fer me. Idk if they think the same about me. But the best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone. They are ! Ref, Acap, Kiran, Seha, Zack. Thanks fer being there when u're needed. Its totally mean a lot for me. Love you guys. Again, thankyou very very much.

lots of love,

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