Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For A Beautiful BFF ! :)

Checking out my inbox, the text sent by my one & only beautiful BFF makes me wonder did I treated her wrong, again?? Dhuh, counting down the list, its about the 42th text when she texted :

"Ceh.apela..new post gak!check it out!nme kmu penuh dlm post ni.name shaye tiade dlm post kamu :("

Ouhh damn how i felt useless gila babi when i read it over and over again. So now peoples, Icha nak tebus kesalahan Icha. Let me introduce you this young pretty lady, Noor Faseha Safhee , my sahabat baik sampai mati :))


&& well, theres 500 reasons why i love her like hell

1. She's always there for me.
2. She always has my back.
3.She still loves me no matter what i do.
4.I practically live with her.
5.we have so much fun together.
6.She can stop me from crying.
7.She would kill for me.
8.But she would also die for me.
9.She makes sure the guys dont break my heart.
10.If the boys do then she takes her cute funny weakself and TRIES to kick there ass.
11.HER DAD IS MY HUSBAND (jk jk jk)
12. We have so many Outsie jokes (inside jokes).
13.All our WTF moments .
14.All our LOLOLOLOLOL S**T moments.
15.she would do anything for me.
16.She would walk halfway across the world for me.
389.she would give up anyone for me.
500. she loves me the most in the world.:)

hee.. PS : i wish if zack bace sume nie and mcmbiase laa, mety dye jeles tgk kami LOL :D

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