Thursday, January 14, 2010


When I laugh , u look into my lips . Don't you see its no more than a fake ? . And why don't u try to look into my eyes when I'm with you , so then you will know how terrible I am trying to forget you which make me cries blood tears ? . Uhh but but . Its okay . I expect no more sayangg . And I'm not suppose to call you so . I'm just an ex which you can sleep with , huggs , and kiss . But I have no voice to talk which you may listen to . Im fooling myself to long , just to feel a lil bit closer to you . I love you .

It’s not about sex. Just so you know when I’m in your arms everything seems back to normal, back to where we used to be. Back when you would say “come sit next to me” and wrapped your arms around my waist. Back when I layed on your chest and listened to your heart beating and knew in that moment it would all be ok. So it’s not just sex to me. I injest all that is you, because I know this could be the last time I’ll ever hold you again. This could be the very last time I get to feel this calm serenity. So you see, I don’t use you for sex, I do it so I don’t forget what it felt like to be in love with you. I want this memory to last me forever. 

PS :When I want to understand what is happening today or try to decide what will happen tomorrow, I look back.

icha .

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