Saturday, May 01, 2010

Yess youu :)

Im gonna try to forget the way u looked at me . Coz now I knoe it was never meant to be . U made that quite clear , by the look in ur eyes . I see nothing but hate , regret and despise . But I think to myself , just one . One more KISS , one more HUGG , one more SMILE . Then I'll be happy . But Iknoe it make me more sad then glad , bcos Im gonna want more , more than u willing to give . Bcos ILY and u dn't love me back .

But deep down in my heart , i knoe u still care , whenever Im down , you're always there , you  go out of your way to talk on the phone , just to makesure that Im not alone .You try your best to make me happy , specially when Im not all love-sappy .You do whatever it takes just so we can talk .You stay up late to makesure Im okay , and u never complain about my texting delays . I try to think , are you leading me on ? But then I remember , im just a FRIEND . Nothing more even in the end .

But despite all that , that impossible wish still lingers in the back of my head , puuting together everything u've said . "if i cud be yours , like i once before , i'll come out of the depths of the sea , to rest on the shore . "

Sayang , Happy Birthday :)

This One is fer him , again .

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  1. happy birthday sayang . i sayang u ohh . walaupun susah , i akan tetap cube penuhi permintaan harijadi u . i tatawu ape akn jadi lepas nie pd i , tp trust me k . i did evrtg jst fer u syg . fer u .

    love ,
    Icha <3

  2. terharu i dgr u nyanyi icha. untung jep ade org syg die smpi mcm ne. but hey. jgn lupe. all ur friends loves u tau.

  3. i syg dy fyfa . TY fer ur support ey fa :) i kne buat i kuat taw . i might cn't stop maself cries . tlg igt2kn i ey fyfa , he's belong to other girl . mm

  4. icha'..=')
    i hope jep bc neh kan..
    n dgr vid tuh..
    btol2' ur frens here! =D

  5. im not sure if jep tawu or tak pasal blog nie . hmm tape laa syg . yg penting skg dy happy :) <3

  6. bkn yg penting die happy la. yg penting you happy 1st icha. u byk kot korban 4 him. i tanak tgk u mcm ari tu lg. promise me ! dont do it again. i really hate it.

  7. im so sorry fyfa :'( mm, tryin . still tryin .