Monday, April 19, 2010

Its being 3 days I don't sleep . Mata da bengkak . Badan da sengal2 . My job as a receptionist hotel tue seriously tak membebankan langsung malah terlebih relax jee but idk why kenapa jugak ta bule na tdo . Sighh insomnia , why u liked me so muchh ooh ? Pls gimme some times to let me noe hw sweet the dream actually is yaww . 

Just Maybe ..
Mcm2 masalah berlaku lately . Its not abt maself . But its abt every single person that I loved . My beloved brother , bestfriend hmm . Hopefully we'll settle it down asap kan kan so later on baru la I'll sleep in peace i-Allah :) 
In life biase laa masalah financial relationship suma . But it really depends in our way to handle those situations . In fact , some one may get hurts , tp itu pun pilihan kita to get hurt gila babi or learn from it . Kan ? 

I have ma own probs jugak , well mane ada manusia tade probs kan . But seriously , I prefer to keep silent jelah . Myb that's the only best way I have . Serious , I'll ignore ma pain segala , tp kawan2 wl awez be ma priority . As long as I cud help , I seriously will . 

xoxo . Cha :)

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