Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh You at lasst .

 " i saw u cried in the club.its so contrast with the scenery.but i think its so sweet.yet im so sorry for wut happen." - thats a really pretty quest from the anon :) *eh eh eh eh its not a quest kan ??

but yeah oh really since that , i always wonder who's the person that cares too little too much about this s***ty matters rather than my close friends . I keep asking myself who's the anon really is . I never really cares wether its a 'she' or a 'he' but its totally a very really sweet of him/her when I got that msgs from my another social website : . I answered the quest from heart and I'm totally troubled with the euthantism to knoe the identity of the sender .

Day by day , the anon keep his identity right . I still got the same motivating manner of quest in my inbox and yeah , it does really made me smile . How come some one that I dn't really knoe doing good on understanding me ? And his statement , "and I think you and your friend hate me~" ughh make my confussion worse . That shouldn't be fer exact kan cos he's totally a perfect anon friends of mine . Auw .

And and after two weeks , Idk wether it is accidental or unintended but lastly I got those perfect quest again in my inbox but now with an ID name of the sender . and its written as 'akuketam' so ughh immediately I put a click on it and yeah perfect ! I know him :) He was true when he said that "kte pernah lepak se'table' tp tak pernah bercakap . " Haha what a sweet written behavior of him . Betul .

So now I da kenal siapa you . Dah dah tak payah malu2 nak kawan dgn I k . I okay je kawan dgn spe2 . No one will beat u till dead semua . Gee . Kawan sampai bile2 okay . Jangan segan lepas I tawu identity you sebab I perasan u da mula nak senyap :( Take a good care of yourself and please , jgn fikir bukan2 . I never hates you pun hmm . Be good and yeah , bile GOSH ? Lols .

Dancing angels now is no more unknown ,
thankyou very very much . :)

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