Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peoples Changes ? Itu NORMA Kehidupan . Terima , hadapi dgn tenang :)

The world is changing all around us . The people that inhabit that very same world and that are among the billions of us change with the world. Their body's change. Their lives change. Their personalites change. To some, change is too much and to those who change it is too little , fer they try to change those who do not . But it is odd how those who seek change in the world do not realize that change is happening . But those who try to stop change know that it is inevitable . So do not try to change nor should you try to stop change , for if you should want to see change you should look around you . Watch the sky move and the flowers bloom for change is here and it will never stop .

PS : Its awesome to know when me myself getting better each days . Ignorance totally a bliss . Yeah . Feels good :)  Thank you Allah ..

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