Saturday, May 08, 2010

Me Shit yea ♥

To the one i LOVE ,

I may did smtg wrong
Yess I really do
Yess , Im sorry I cn't be the one as how u expected
But please do remember
Im not a perfect person
There's too much hearts I have to take care off
Sometimes I even dn't care of mine just to show how much I love you

But then ,
I don't need any feedback from u fer all this doing

I just need you to understand me as much as I did
err . sighh

Im sorry if u still assume this as all my fault
I do really love you

And please don't get me wrong
I don't write this to point ma fingers blaming another
I just wanna make it clear

As you said I have done something wrong on last Thursday,
Sorry tonz , from me
Listen baby , i do really really really LOVE you .

1 comment:

  1. seha sayang , i really really really love you okaay :'(