Friday, May 21, 2010

sign of apologee .

okay i won't mention his name , but i wanna do some appreciation fer him . the most charming person in world . He's currently 23 (eh 23 kan ue? ) and stayed in between the sky and sea <3

Hey , Mr Hawtstuff .
Im sorry pasal semalam , i felt really guilty even ohh yeah myb its just a small matter fer ue . Im not used to be like that . Im kinda focuuuuuuus peeps u ever meet ( lols ) sepatutnya laa . But semalam err grr i pown cm hate myself la pulak sakitkan hati sendiri . Da u free alek , i plak busy lagi kan ? Maaaaf taw . :'(  Btw , u're such a good friend okay ? Everytime I talk to u , seriously I felt tonz of serenity . I never met u , but we'd befriend fer past 2 years la kott . Tp I tetap tawu u baek , and I awez doakan ur success in career and life :)

conclusion utk cerita semalam ikhlas dr hati i :
"God doesn't expect us to succeed. all he asked was for us to try. even if we fail.. and you know what , Icha with you :) "

ampunkan saya ??

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