Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Worthless .

Saya nak merepek . Teringin nak merepek . Nak cakap sesuatu yang dah lama tersimpan . Simpan jap mood jiwang . Saya nak jugak luahkan . Tak kire ! Wekk :p

This is for all the jerks that have been telling a girl words that are to die for. 
You tell her, "You’d change for her. ” 
And you go behind her back, and freaking go against your word. 
You tell her, "You're the only one I talk to baby ” 
But in reality, you're texting a million other skanks, and telling them the same dang thing. 
You bring her out one day, hold her hand, give her a peck on the lips, hold her bag, and hold her by the waist.
You show your friends your with her, but you stop texting / calling her after that day. 
You call her " my girl ” Which just makes her feel so good, when you got 2 or 3 other girls on the side too. 
This is for all the jerks, who’ve lied to women’s face, who’ve stopped talking to a women after a day, who’ve just cancelled a women outta their lives. 
Seriously? Grow up.
We’ve been telling you jerk how much we hate getting hurt, and we freaking expect so much from you guys.
We expect you guys to change, but do you? Negative. It’s sad because it spoils all the other guys who’d want a chance with these girls. 
They’d have to work harder, because the girl’s afraid she’d get played again.

With honour , AryzahQamalia gives two words for guys like this : Screw You

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