Sunday, August 01, 2010

Syg kuh :)

Me : Why is God doing this to me? If he knew that i would suffer this way, why did he let me fall so deep for him?

My Mother : Imagine that dad has two cars, one of them is ugly and old.. and the other one is his new car, the one he loves the most, and the expensiver. He wants to teach you how to drive, in what car does you think he would teach you?, he will teach you in the ugly cheaper and old car, so you can crash it, and when you learn to drive, he would give you the pretty one. That is how God works! He would not give you the right one for you now, because He knows you can do wrong and loose him forever. He wants you to meet a few wrong peaople, just to know how to treat the right one .

Yess this post is actually specially made fer a beautiful GFF of mine . A very beautiful grown up lady which always  make me want her to know how much she's being loved by her other besfriends :) I dont think I should mention her name or what-so-ever deed to make u guys know who's the person is cos its enough to make only SHE understand and feels how sincere I am when posting this blog .

Dear sayang , remember this taw . I want you to stop thinking of him as soon as possible honey . I'm sorry if this confession quite hurting you but I do really feel this . Yes I agree I dnt really understand what had happened between you but I just dont want him to hurt you anymore :'( I love you and even though I seem doesn't care , but actually I AM . I asked fer you , I'm looking you by far , i heart you :(

See the different between this two quotes ;

-"I try to talk to you, but I don't know what to say. I am afraid you don't want me to say anything. So I don't. But inside of me there are words waiting to come out.And tell you how I feel-like how I miss you. And how I love you despite my broken heart.And how I need you in my life. And especially how much I want you.But those words may forver stay in my heart-locked inside.Sometimes I wonder if there are words locked inside you too... but I'll never know."

-"No I didn't forget what happened, I just decided to MOVE ON, that my life wasn't WORTH WASTING away at the thought of possibilities, false hopes and unsettled endings. I stopped waiting around for you to start CLOSING doors, and just confronted every lock and key all on my own. And no I didn't find any answers I was satisfied with, but I found myself, and that's all that matters."

 And please tell me that you are the lady who'll scream out the second quotes which I written on this wall . Please let it out and stop fixing something that you know you cant . There's something that will never come back no matter how u tried sayang :'( I love you taw . Pls dont misunderstand this . I just wanna see you happy , again . I love love love you .

Lose your pride, lose your patience, lose your mind. But whatever you do, don't lose hope :')

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  1. sayang.....~
    u kno how im speechless rite now..~
    thx god im having u as mine...
    thx fer all this wish n talk sayang...
    i hope i can be more strong than u ever spite, im having a tears but wif a big big smile now~
    i dunt kno how to thank u sayang~
    u ar always in my heart.. ^^,
    i love u too till my breath came out sayang...~