Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thanks God .

Just a simple highlights .

Everytime a girl and a boyfriend fought , the girl will scream "YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME BUT YOU DON'T!!"
One day he replied , "I knoe that the lies and the hurts , and the pressure of peoples ; always thinking you will do great has crushed you , and you cover that feelings with a smile because you dont want to be one of the girls that is so depressed looking and you dont want everyone to be worry . I WORRY BECAUSE I NEVER WANT ANYTHING TO HURT YOU . Everytime you think about it you wipe your tears away before anyone sees them . I see them "

That's what happened . I never know he actually really knoe me that well . He loves me so deeply , and all after all , the  only thing I will say is just , Thank you Allah , yes I'm sure . I love him back :)

1 comment:

  1. love cant give us happiness if we dont believe in it...

    cinta x boleh diungkapkan walau dengan sejuta kata2x....
    hanya dapat diungkap dengan pandangan mata.. :)