Monday, March 12, 2012

To my girlfriend .

Hello there my beautiful lady , ( i know you're reading this )
Well , this post is obviously for you . tgk tajuk la kan hehe
I just wanna let you know that hey , I'm still here for you .
I know that you're facing such of hard time right now .
But I won't bother you if you wanna keep them from me for this moment .
I know how you feel syg .
I know its hurt .
I know its such a pain in the ass .
Yes , love does .
And I know , questions won't solve things but they will bother your emotions more .
That's why I never never never ask you about those matter .
Cukup lah Icha dpt tgk tweet merepek Seha and , woah ... anda makin hot lahhh :p
Please remember this yea cik mek molek ,
you gotta forget your past to move on to the future . Letting go is bitter-sweet . but if you keep going , it will be less bitter and more sweet . Yoona Yoona ! *wink!*
(okay sorry , this is not a good time for jokes -.-)
I'm not going to make this post become gloomy . I dont wanna make u sad . Last words from me , I will do anything for you sayang . Even if Seha nak Icha jadi bodoh melawak-lawak benda bodoh everytime indeed , I will do that for you as long as that will make you happy :') I love love love you so much .

PS : GET WELL SOON miss seha's lil heart . Your pain make mine hurts too . I warn youu  . You better get fully recovered asap . Okayss ? ;)

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