Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its 31st Julyy !! :D

Dear Faseha ... 

Happy Birthday comel ! It’s the big 22 . How exciting is that hihi .  I have so much to say , but I don’t know if I can condense it into one page of simple words. I sure am gonna try though . 

Seha sayang , I want you to know how important you really are to me . I know I say it all the time , but it just seems like I don’t make my point clear enough . I can’t stress it enough to you that you really are my bestfriend . You are something out of this world syg . You are one of the most intelligent young women I have ever met , not to mention sweet , kind-hearted , happy , hilarious , loving , and absolutely beautiful . You have such an amazing effect on me and my life daily . You make me laugh when I all I want to do is cry . Your smile is as contagious as the flu (haha) and whenever you’re sad I feel like I should be too :/ You really are an absolutely incredible individual . I have never in my whole life been so lucky and proud to have someone like you . YOU, and only you , are my BESTFRIEND . You’re like my sister in a way. I have lost so much in my life , including friends that I thought I would never lose , but I always have you . When I’m with you , it feels like I know I’ll never lose you as a bestfriend and all my problems and stress just melt away . Happiness is what you bring to everyone hun . You are unlike anyone I have ever met . There’s just something about you that draws people close to you and make them want to trust you . I know you would never lie to me or keep anything from me . Our friendship is perfect which makes me so happy . You are my shoulder to cry on and my arm to lean on and I am the same for you . There are not that many people in my life that I would die for , but when it comes to you I would die a million times over if that was what you wanted me to do . You are the best, bestfriend anyone could ever ask for and I appreciate everything about you . Thankyou so much Faseha, for everything you do for me. I’m ridiculously lucky to have you and I can’t wait to see what our friendship brings in the future . I love you so much syg . I hope your birthday and every other day is perfect . Best of luck in all that you do , and remember that I am always here for you no matter what .

xoxo , Icha

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  1. sob sob :'( terharu syg ! iloveyou so much :* u're a part of me. hanya mati memisahkan kita syg :)